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Angel Orgone Pendant - EMF Protection

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An Angel inside of a very unique and powerful black gold orgone pendant providing EMF protection.  You can wear it around your neck or use on your phone with double back tape.  It makes a great phone stand for easy viewing.

Electronic devices give off unbalanced electromagnetic radiation which creates an electromagnetic field (EMF). Studies are starting to emerge showing the harmful effects of EMF's. Orgones protects us from this harmful EMF radiation by balancing and neutralizing the frequencies. 

Many people use orgone to protect themselves from the EMF radiation coming from cell phones, routers, microwaves, computers, TV's, cordless phone and smart meters.

Made with high-quality epoxy resin, aluminum, gold leaf, copper sheets, crystal quartz, obsidian powder, agate stones and shells from the Aegean Sea.

Size:  1.5 inches in diameter with a 21" black faux suede cord.

Please Note: You will receive an item similar to the photos, but these powerful orgones are handmade and the look may be slightly different.  Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. 

To watch an amazing video showing the effectiveness of these powerful orgones - Click Here!