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Reusable Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

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Our premium Eco-friendly Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags are machine washable, ultra strong and lightweight.  No more single-use plastic bags once you own these zero-waste cotton bags.  You get 6 high-quality bags - 2 in each size.  

People who are serious about zero waste don't even consider the cheaper polyester mesh bags.  Polyester doesn't reduce waste.  It can take anywhere from 20 - 200 years for polyester to decompose.  Cotton generally takes 5 - 6 months to biodegrade. 

Our transparent reusable bags are the new choice for fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.  They fold easily and are also convenient for organizing toys, cosmetics, cables, washing socks, undergarments and much more. 

These high-quality cotton drawstring mesh bags are people and planet friendly, food safe and durable (double stitched).  (Fruit and veggies not included)       

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Large Bag (15.8" x 11.8") - 2 Bags

Medium Bag (15.8" x 9.8") - 2 Bags

      Small Bag (9.8" x 7.9") - 2 Bags