Our Story

Natural Thriving Clean Beauty & Wellness Boutique is a collection of premium beauty, home and wellness products.  We're committed to finding and sharing the best in skin care and wellness.  High-quality items from around the world have been researched and carefully selected for you.  

The choice for natural doesn't mean settling anymore.   More and more quality and toxic-free products appear daily.  Choosing organic and natural products is a routine for those living a healthy lifestyle.   

The skin (our largest organ) is very porous and absorbs about 64% of what is used topically.  This is why so many people are reading labels and choosing organic for their skin care needs.

I've been sensitive and allergic to chemicals and toxins most of my life.  Now you can benefit from my sensitivities because I've done the research and tested the products before they found a home in our Wellness Boutique.   

All the best to your thriving body and radiant skin,  

Deb Kopper and the Team at Natural Thriving